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Hello, and welcome to TeeJay Maths. We are a specialist publisher of mathematics teaching resources, workbooks and support materials. Having worked with Australian industry bodies, universities and the teaching profession, we have developed a specific range of primary resources for Australian schools in line with the national Mathematics curriculum.

Our K-6 core maths teaching platform includes – lesson planning material, homework packs, diagnostics & workbooks. The TeeJay Maths resource is a flexible core platform which is well suited to the Australian teaching environment.

Our core platform provides practical Teacher Professional development for all abilities of Teacher and, because we focus on the revisit-review-revise method, connects well to many types of teaching techniques including enquiry, explicit instruction and a wide variety of online resources.

The TeeJay Maths core platform will:

The reason our books and support material have been so successful is that we define TeeJay as more than a set of workbooks. For your convenience we have included free downloadable samples to allow you to review how our core platform works.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding any aspect of our literature or to request free sample copies for your school, please contact us on 0892956613 or

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